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1960's Tribute Group



  1. Do you only book the band through agents ?

    No. We are not tied to any agent and may take Direct Bookings.

    However, if an agency is listed on our links page and you already use that agent, we would expect you to book us through them.

  2. How do I get in touch ?

    See our contacts page for a direct mobile no or contact us by clicking the email address.

  3. Why should we book you?

    Pubs / Clubs /Cafe Bars

    Who did you book last. Rock band hey? In a different life we are a rock band. However dont you want something different? Something that your competitors dont have on. Give your customers something different. Let them drown in songs that they thought they would not hear live again.


    Weddings / Corporate / Parties

    Live entertainment without ear plugs. Just enjoy and dance the night away. We pride ourselves in being a "Nice" group.


    Look at our -TWO FOR ONE- option in the "other" section. Its not only supermarkets that can offer that.

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  1. How much do you charge ?

    Our Fee Structure is dependent upon venue and distance.


    We are very competitive in all venues we play. This ranges from Pubs & Clubs through to all corporate events. Fees may be obtained through contact directly with us - See Contact Page


    Direct Agent Bookings are negotiated with any them directly as we are engaged by the agency.

  2. Are there additional charges ?

    We are a self contained Group & we own all our equipment. Public Address & Lighting Modules are included within our fee. We are able to configure our equipment from a small pa of 200 watts through to a PA output of 6000 watts. The stones pa at hyde park was 1000 watts.


    (We can provide "Enchancements" to the standard booking like a two band and disco option which does attract additional nominal charges.)


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  1. Can you help us sell our event ?

    We usually provide a couple of A3 posters, see sample on our website, to most venues. Should you require additional material or images for your own "TV" displays, please contact us. For information - There is an advertising clip which may be used for your event on the " hear the band" section of the website - This URL will link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFIgqqh361E

  2. Have you any other promotional material

    We have a media pack which we use to advertise ourselves to venues and agents. Our media pack is a DVD package which contains a couple of photos and a disk. Looks like a record but is a CD. (we thought of that one)


    On request, we will send you one of these packs. For agents they are available without direct contact details.

  3. Where can I get images of the group from ?

    If you go to the "Stuff" page on this site and select it by right clicking on your mouse, you can save pictures and "gifs" it to your computer by selecting the save as option. You can use these on your media presentations


    If you need anything more specific - contact us.

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  1. Background or Disco music ?

    Background music isprovided for all bookings if required, however if you dont want to pay for a disco, for an additional nominal charge we are able to provide you with a "disco feel" between sets and at the end of your evenings entertainment. - We carry a song set of over 1000 songs which we find covers most events. We crank up the volume and use additional lighting.

  2. Is your equipment Safe ?

    We pride ourselves on the condition and quality of all our equipment.

    Did picaso use a grubby brush?

  3. Why do you think you are different

    We cant be sure we are, however by using Instruments which were manufactured in the 1960s we must sound like those beat groups did. We get many compliments regarding the authenticity of our sound. When we make "cock-ups" - they are proper sixties cock-ups. Our only "cheat" is our pa which is a modern and efficient unit which gets over the actual sound of the group.

    Other than that the main pedals we use are break / clutch and accelerator which are a part of the van.

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